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Welcome to Immortality.

A project exploring the exciting field of longevity research. A consortium of scientists and medical doctors have collaborated to define the new field of longevity, addressing aging and introducing new concepts such as regenerative medicine, life extension, rejuvenation, prevention, transhumanism, biohacking and biological immortality. Biotechnology laboratories are actively engaged in understanding the pathology of aging and developing novel therapies to treat aging as a disease. The field has attracted interest and investment from the wealthiest individuals, celebrities, leaders, and organizations, all focusing on preventive and regenerative medicine to maintain optimal health through cutting-edge technologies.

πŸ’– The undefined human body is the greatest neglected endeavor of our generation πŸ’–

Envisioned and named accordingly, Immortality represents age old alchemy in new age decentralized science and cryptocurrency. We initiated Immortality on November 2021, and throughout this period, we have remained committed to integrity and customer service. Our unwavering dedication to honesty and transparency underscores our genuine commitment to our endeavor. The development team's role is to ensure the success of the cryptocurrency. Additionally, Immortality's development team conducts research in three essential areas of longevity: lifestyle, pharmacology, and clinical research. This includes contributing to peer-reviewed studies to enhance existing therapies and brainstorming innovative approaches. Investing in Immortality does not guarantee personal health benefits or life extension; it is a research project aimed at curing aging. We encourage individuals to conduct their own research and understand the risks involved.

✨ Immortality is as old as civilization itself ✨

In the past several years of working on longevity, we have gained extensive knowledge about the field, particularly recognizing intelligence as the limiting factor. Advancing healthcare and achieving age reversal depend significantly on overcoming intelligence barriers and enhancing intelligence to prevent diseases and address aging, marking the evolution towards Med 3.0 - the next generation of healthcare. This includes leveraging artificial intelligence for understanding physiology, implementing advanced diagnostics for disease prevention, and utilizing intelligence for laboratory assistance. Healthcare is evolving towards predictive capabilities, improved diagnostics, sophisticated imaging analysis, and comprehensive research in highly complex areas. This direction emphasizes insights into in vivo gene therapy, stem cells, in vivo partial reprogramming, and more, offering promising potential to treat aging.



The power of lifestyle choices, the science of longevity is constantly evolving, uncovering new ways to optimize our health and extend our lifespans. We all know that unhealthy habits like processed foods, lack of exercise, and chronic stress take a toll on our bodies. But the good news is, we have the power to turn things around through our lifestyles. Imagine using artificial intelligence for cutting edge research on healthy living, complete with actionable tips to prevent disease, reduce environmental toxicity, and boost your overall well being. This science backed resource, constantly updated with the latest knowledge, offers an encyclopedia of practical strategies for aging gracefully. Forget the outdated health advice of the past. Today, we're talking about evidence based approaches like intermittent fasting, one meal a day plans, targeted exercise routines, and whole food, plant based diets. Remember, a healthy lifestyle is the foundation for any effective health intervention. Focusing on building strong habits is the first step towards a longer, healthier life.

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Explore our cutting edge longevity products. Our scientists are at the forefront of longevity research, harnessing the power of innovative molecules and personalized protocols. We've identified key compounds like Rapamycin, proven to promote healthy aging and extend lifespan, forming the foundation of our industry. As our product development team works on new patents, existing products can all be found on our marketplace. Our user friendly marketplace offers a seamless shopping experience with multiple payment options, including Bitcoin, Immortality coin, and traditional credit cards. Explore product details, research scientific references, and connect with our knowledgeable team for personalized recommendations. Visit our marketplace, browse our innovative products, and embark on your journey towards a longer and healthier life. Visit marketplace here...

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Immortality: Redefining Longevity, Exclusively. We aim to provide ultra level facilities for aging, medical, and beauty needs. Our goal is to offer the best scientists and doctors working in the most advanced and luxurious facility possibleβ€”a designer label medical center. At Immortality, our team of renowned scientists and medical professionals leverages cutting edge research and technology to offer transformative procedures for those seeking to extend their lifespan and ensure lifelong health. This facility is not intended to be affordable; it caters to the rich and famous, providing the most advanced procedures available in designer health. Our focus includes conditioning the micro environment, signal transduction pathways, communicating with chromatin, gene therapies, stem cell therapies, exosomes, RNA products, immunotherapies, and more. These therapies are all high cost clinical procedures. We utilize A.I. powered biomarker and panel analysis to create comprehensive protocols that apply the optimal combination of therapies, shifting your health markers towards ideal, youthful ranges. Our first procedure offered is therapeutic plasma exchange, apheresis.

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There is currently no cure for cancer, yet the medical system still treats cancer, similarly let's make the mental leap and treat aging. If healthcare advancements could reverse aging by just 20% it would be enough to guarantee health and independent living until the final day. A great lifestyle and prevention means you may never need aged care, a nursing home or a hospital. Dive deeper into the research and whitepaper to see how we're rewriting the future of aging.


Knowledge Base


Artificial Intelligence (A.I.), Organoid Intelligence (O.I.) and automation for the speed of science problem in research and healthcare. Apply teraflops and intelligence to the science of the human body. In the lab and clinic, A.I. is assisting with drug, treatment and patent discovery and advancing the knowledge base on human physiology.

Longevity Pill


What are the longevity product lines for prevention, health and life extending molecules? Develop our range of products, supplements and pharmaceuticals like Rapamycin. Available at our innovative multivendor mall where customers can order using Bitcoin, Immortality and credit cards. Advancing mainstream crypto adoption.



Those million dollar cutting edge treatments only for the rich and famous, and hodlers. Lab, clinic, longevity center. Research and develop therapies and perform them in a best class private clinic. Build expertise in clinical procedures, gene therapy, partial reprogramming, stem cells, blood products. Treat and cure aging.


Project Lead

Dear valued visitor, I am writing to you today as the founder of Immortality Coin. Welcome, we are cutting edge, we are audacious, we are dedicated. I am thrilled to have you as a member of our community, I believe in community and by joining Immortality Coin, you're not just an investor, you're an active participant in our journey. Our mission is simple: a longevity industry for optimates, designer healthcare. Together, with your support, we can revolutionize healthcare for everyone and achieve unprecedented heights.

Today, we find ourselves at an inflection point in medicine and the writing is on the wall. Artificial Intelligence (A.I). I have computer science and I have scientists on the research. Collaborations with leading people all committed to patents and bringing advanced technologies to market. Our goals are clear and concise and while research is ongoing, our work is a roll out.

We have come to that place where the illusion of immortality evaporated our own mortality is presented to us, and face death. Graying hair, aches, pains, bad memory, tiredness, frailty. Something medical is happening here, and no edifice exists to treat it. Most blindly continue, but every problem is a company. What about a company that is all about treating aging?

Ultimately, we are all forced to fiddle while Rome burns, whether we know it or not. Our project is a long term effort, and we know that with your support it will make all the difference.

Thank you for being part of our community, and we look forward to working with you to achieve our shared goal of improving healthcare and curing aging.


Tony Pagan

Immortality Coin Founder


Welcome to the development team of Immortality coin. These are the people in the company, we manage all aspects of the project, on the job 24/7. Ensuring the success of Immortality, we are constantly renewing efforts to build a bigger, better more successful coin, making Immortality coin a great, no brainer investment.

The team is committed to building immortality, they understand that this is a serious situation that require a permanent company.

Our development team is working right now, around the clock, staying committed.

Thank you for being part of our community, and we look forward to meeting with you.

Tony Pagan
Tony Pagan
Project lead
Kabusake Nakamoto
Project lead
Kishie Ukita
Kishie Ukita
Public relations
Kuno Orochi
Kuno Orochi
Web platforms
Hoga Toru
Hoga Toru
Market psychology
Mike Wallace
Mike Wallace
Science advisor
Hotori Gawara
Hotori Gawara
Lab lead
Honori Iwama
Honori Iwama




Start: Q1 2023
Status: In Progress
πŸ—Ώ BEP20 contract creation ✓
πŸ—Ώ PancakeSwap listing ✓
πŸ—Ώ CheeseSwap listing ✓
πŸ—Ώ JulSwap listing ✓
πŸ—Ώ Lock LP ✓
πŸ—Ώ Promo video ✓
πŸ—Ώ Social media accounts ✓
πŸ—Ώ Coin site listings ✓
πŸ—Ώ CoinMarketCap listing
πŸ—Ώ CoinGecko listing
πŸ—Ώ Marketplace website ✓
πŸ—Ώ Phase out governance ✓
πŸ—Ώ Audit by Marketmove ✓
πŸ—Ώ Review performance ✓
πŸ—Ώ Relocate to Asia ✓



Start: Q1 2024
Status: On Standby
πŸ”¬ 1,000 YT subscribers ✓
πŸ”¬ 1,000 X followers ✓
πŸ”¬ 500 holders
πŸ”¬ Phase out fund (in progress)
πŸ”¬ 2,000 YT subscribers
πŸ”¬ 2,000 X followers
πŸ”¬ 1,000 holders
πŸ”¬ 1 CEX listing
πŸ”¬ 3,000 YT subscribers
πŸ”¬ 3,000 X followers
πŸ”¬ 1,500 holders
πŸ”¬ Review performance



Start: Q1 2025
Status: On Standby
πŸš€ Lab work
πŸš€ Clinic work
πŸš€ Facility development
πŸš€ More listings
πŸš€ More subscribers
πŸš€ Iterate blockchain
πŸš€ Phase out Tele/Dis
πŸš€ Improve lab & clinic
πŸš€ A.I. lab assistant
πŸš€ Keep up R & D
πŸš€ Better Marketplace
πŸš€ Better Chart



Start: Q1 2026
Status: On Standby
⭐ Release blockchain
⭐ Total review
⭐ Improve lab & clinic
⭐ Roadmap ver 2
⭐ Lifestyle science ver 2
⭐ Products ver 2
⭐ Clinic ver 1
⭐ NASDAQ listing
⭐ More followers
⭐ Full prescription epharmacy
⭐ Perfect clinical therapies
⭐ Operation expansion



(Locked liquidity with Mudra Locker for 7 years) view certificate

(To be phased out in 2024, read more here...)


















8th Nov 2021 (stealth)








Yes, 4th Dec 2021


Mudra Locker 7 years
(Aug 2028)


Marketmove Audit


Institutional Investors Only


Click here for a more extensive documentation on setting up a wallet and adding Immortality

The correct way of storing cryptocurrency is with a wallet. Decentralized exchanges require a wallet while centralized exchanges hold your crypto on your behalf, if they falter you lose your crypto but if you lose your data your crypto is not lost forever. Wallets provide the facility to store, send, receive, and swap coins. Everyone that uses cryptocurrency has installed one or more wallet apps on their phone, tablet, or computer to use cryptocurrency. Don't have a wallet app? Download one of many brands. One popular wallet is MetaMask, another is Trust Wallet. Install Metamask as a browser extension or from your smartphone app store and make a new wallet. Metamask install link here. The primary way of obtaining cryptocurrency is by buying it with a regular debit or credit card. Wallets have the facility to use credit or debit cards to buy crypto. Binance centralized exchange offers possibly the cheapest way of using your card to buy crypto and avoid fees. If you already own crypto in your wallet, you can swap your current holding for Immortality, contract address 0x2bf2141ed175f3236903cf07de33d7324871802d

➑️ Click here to install Metamask

Metamask uses Ethereum, so we need to add Binance Smart Chain to Metamask. After installing Metamask and making a new wallet, add Binance Smart Chain. From the top-down menu, choose CustomRPC and add the following details...

  • Network Name: Binance Smart Chain
  • New RPC URL: https://bsc-dataseed.binance.org/
  • ChainID: 56
  • Symbol: BNB
  • Block Explorer URL: https://bscscan.com

Use a payment card to buy Binance BNB and then swap it for Immortality IMT from your wallet, or buy crypto from another service and send it to your new address in your wallet. Many wallets offer a credit or debit card to crypto facility right inside the wallet, purchase BNB directly within your wallet using any of the supported payment options (e.g. Credit card, bank transfer, PayPal, Apple Pay). You will be redirected to the payment service. Fees can vary. All centralized exchanges offer the facility to buy crypto with payment cards, buy BNB and then send it to your wallet. As IMT (the unit of currency for Immortality) is on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), swapping from Binance Coin (BNB) or another crypto on the Bianance Smart Chain is easy. Click swap and enter the amount fields, for example BNB to IMT, and then click swap to swap it over.

Now with BNB in your wallet, head over to PancakeSwap and connect your wallet by clicking "Connect Wallet". PancakeSwap is the main swap for Binance tokens and is an easy way to "swap", hence the name, from one currency to another. While Binance is the leading exchange allowing you to trade IMT easily, PancakeSwap is the leading swap for Binance Smart Chain. Choose Trade and Exchange from the PancakeSwap menu. An embedded application is provided for convenience. Click Connect, enter the amount to swap. If the transaction fails, it is usually due to slippage, deselect [Auto Slippage] and enter β‰ˆ2% slippage. Congratulations, you are now an Immortality hodler.

➑️ Click here to buy Immortality without leaving the website, using the embedded application

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Immortality maintains three liquidity pools, PancakeSwap, JulSwap, CheeseSwap. We recommend PancakeSwap, head over to PancakeSwap and and choose trade and exchange. The links on the Immortality homepage cause a popup to show, so you can add Immortality to the swap, otherwise search for IMT. Connect your wallet and enter the coins to swap and the amounts. Any transaction issues are usually due to the slippage tolerance, raise it to β‰ˆ2%. Price slippage is the difference in prices between the time a market order is placed and the time it completes on the blockchain or is filled. Slippage can either be positive or negative, depending on the direction of price change. Enter the amount of, for example BNB (or any other BEP20 token) you would like to swap. Binance Smart Chain has some of the lowest gas fees, but make sure to keep enough BNB in your wallet for gas fee. Lastly, HODL! Congratulations, you are now investing in Immortality. You can expect one of the highest reflections of any token at 8% and one of the best projects to be a part of.

➑️ Head over to the trade page, to trade, buy and sell Immortality

➑️ Head over to the shop page, to buy products and services using Immortality IMT

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Longevity is the favorite interest of every aspiring millionaire. Where is your longevity company?

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By investing with Immortality, you're choosing to partner with us and ensuring the success of your investment. You'll be pioneering products and procedures exclusive to Immortality, practiced nowhere else.

Our prototype lab and medical center was privately funded.

Send cryptocurrency to the development wallet and fund Immortality. Make an investment to the address below, and then contact us with your hopes and dreams for Immortality. Have a great day!

Contact Kishie, Email

Send Bitcoin: bc1qtgn8z30pcu0xrx2zgvcg9y6htr537mu4nd6qx3
Send BNB: 0x90ADd8453D8Cd3F1c3FF336F9C07de6a63C0E979

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