2024 Plan for Immortality Coin

  • Marketplace has undergone another iteration of programming, now USD, Bitcoin and Immortality coin are supported. We are in Asia and working on supply lines for the marketplace, and we shall use other multivendor marketplaces and third party auction sites to begin selling product. With some of the funds used to appreciate Immortality coin on the open market.
  • To ensure the quality of longevity products we sell, we need a small lab to authenticate purity and identify substance. We want to avoid negative public relations relating to product quality.
  • The YouTube channel recently reached 1,000 subscribers and alongside the lab we want to put on a full time social media person to continue to improve subscriber and view count. At some critical point, the subscriber count gains Immortality coin access to various exchanges and popular coin sites. We may or may not phase out non-monetizable social media, as any monetization can be used to also appreciate Immortality coin or build a better development team. As we are working on custom longevity products, we may film the process as well as put out some medical data relating to product decisions in video format, part promotion and part investigative/factual.
  • We are no longer referring to Immortality as a cryptocurrency, it is now referred to as a coin, i.e. Immortality coin.
  • Phasing out the research fund. The cynical design of Immortality coin was to put research at the top of the pyramid, as the Apex, that the noble ape could reach such vision, let alone maintain it for any period of time, the promise of human capacity and all that. The design was a simple research fund to fund research, the fund would result in products and the profits reinvested in an endless virtuous cycle. However, such a fund offers no security for the investor, and so we plan to end the research fund before being listed on important exchanges. Our new blockchain, the Manhattan Project, proposes an alternative solution, by adding an additional gas fee to each transaction. The miner must donate the additional gas fee to any approved research operations they choose who are working on essential research. It is a decentralized model. Phasing out the research fund means all tokens are in the public domain. Immortality coin contract has renounced ownership. We are entering our third year with no scams, frauds or any other malicious behavior adding creditability while still needing to project belief in Immortality coin. Immortality coin is never to be phased out and is to operate alongside Manhatten project.

The plan to phase out the research fund, resulting in 100% of the tokens in private hands, as follows...

  • Under the program, when anyone buys Immortality coin, an airdrop of a random amount is also air dropped to the buyer. For example, buy 100 tokens and a random number generator spits out a number say 30, and that amount of token is also sent to the buyer.
  • Faucet, get free tokens using the faucet, by performing some Immortality coin promotional tasks free tokens are given out.
  • The airdrops to end by 2025 while the faucet is open indefinitely. About half the tokens to be air-dropped and the other half in the faucet. The faucet give 1 token per task for about 200 billion promotional tasks before the program ends.

What we are not working on in 2024.

  • Manhattan Project won't be released in 2024, but there may be one iteration of code bringing it closer to release.
  • Android and Apple apps are finished but they have not been released as yet.
  • As we phase out the research fund, there is no more governance and associated pages to disappear. The dev team continues to develop Immortality coin and is available to answer any questions, concerns.

To discuss 2024 development email kishie, info@imt.cx


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