A.I. Concierge

What is an A.I. concierge and how does it differ.


I have to go abroad, I have a pet and other complications. I have to organize 10 things from flights, hotels, visa, pet documents, vet appointments and more. Life is getting more complicated it seems.

An A.I. concierge does it all automatically and returns your itinery for you to folow.

The A.I. Concierge is like the phone operator for life. The administrator for life from legal problems to finding a job and everything else. You call the concierge for any problem at all and you get a plan of action with all the mundane bookings and appointments done.

It differs from a butler that serves the master or other house help, rather its the operator program of the Matrix.

An itinerary is returned for scrutiny and changes, upon final approval, auto-bookings are performed, and a final itinerary is provided to the end user. The process is then guided with the assistant reminding the end user to keep the timeline, paper work and requirements of the itinerary.

When travelling to a foreign language nation, the device auto-translates without need for touchscreen. The touchscreen is a mess.

The backend that makes this all possible is not scraping or macros, it is function calling, authoritative API's such as Gorilla OpenFunctions v2, Large Language Model Connected with Massive APIs.


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