Add Immortality IMT to Metamask, Trustwallet

To use cryptocurrencies you need a wallet.

These wallets are downloaded to a phone from app stores and play stores, and they can be also installed as browser extensions.

When you send and receive crypto, you open up your preferred wallet app, enter a supplied address, enter an amount and click send.

You would initially use a credit card to buy crypto.

Many people use cryptocurrencies to speculate, it is always advised you do this through a wallet app and not a central exchange, while many people use popular central exchanges to trade crypto.

Immortality is a cryptocurrency that you can buy and sell, send and receive. Its symbol is IMT and it utilizes the Binance Smart Chain. Binance is a popular smart chain with low gas (transaction) fees.

Immortality is a healthcare token, designed to finance and conduct research and development into cutting edge futuristic medicine rather than blockchain development, which is why it outsourced to an existing blockchain rather than developing its own blockchain.

Here, we show how to set up Immortality IMT on Metamask, Trustwallet, Mathwallet.

The information can apply to your preferred wallet, or you can send the dev team a message, and they can add a guide for your preferred wallet.


Download Metamask from

Run through the Metamask installation and setup by getting started and create a wallet if you do not already have one, and entering a password as well as clocking next until you get to the wallet page.

0x4F7...0cc7, this is an address you can send to people and with this address they can send you crypto. When you click on this address it is copied to clipboard, pasting it will reveal the full address 0x4F774aE2dC74d18462a9DE64f8291088526d0cc7. Sending the full address is enough for someone to send you coins. The three options, buy, send and swap, help you get started.

You must at some stage backup your wallet to safeguard against computer failure and therefore losing all your crypto. You can generate as many address as you require.

The image right, top, shows that we are currently using the Ethereum network. We require adding Binance network to Metamask as Immortality uses the Binance network.

Click the round circle on the top right and select settings, then select networks, then click Add Network.

Network Name: Binance Smart Chain


Chain ID: 56

Symbol: BNB

Block Explorer URL:

Congratulations, you have added Binance Smart Chain to your list of networks

Return to first screen and at the bottom there is a message "Don't see your token? Refresh list or import tokens"

Click on "Import tokens" on the bottom center, as shown in the image right.

Token Contract Address: 0x2bf2141ed175f3236903cf07de33d7324871802d

The remaining fields automatically filled, so click "Add Custom Token"

Congratulations, you have now added Immortality to your Metamask

You can now swap other cryptos into IMT, using Metamask or using Pancakeswap.

The majority of your functions are now swap, send or receive IMT. To begin, you may need to buy BNB and then swap it into IMT.

Welcome to fun zone.

Each time you play with IMT, the price can go up, but it can also go down depending on demand. You can check the price at various exchanges such as Poocoin IMT chart.

The Dev team is tasked to keep the price of IMT heading north through marketing and building utility, that is getting more people using the coin so that the supply gets hoarded and soaked up.

Trust Wallet

Trust Wallet is available on both the App Store and Google Play Store, there is no browser extension.

After visiting app play store and installing to your phone, choose create new wallet, enter a numeric password and proceed through the setup.

Tap on the toggle icon in the upper right corner of the main wallet screen. Enter IMT, it is not found, so select "Add Custom Token".

Network, change from Ethereum to Smart Chain, then use the QR scanner, on the right of "Contract Address" to scan in 0x2bf2141ed175f3236903cf07de33d7324871802d QR code below.

The rest of the fields are automatically filled, then click "Done"

Select back to exit the search screen and Immortality is added to main page

Again it is a case of swapping another crypto into IMT, for example BNB has an option on the top right to "Buy", selecting that option takes you to Moonpay that requires a credit card for BNB, and then you can swap it for IMT. The other option is by using another method and then send to your trust wallet.

Buy Immortality IMT with PancakeSwap

Immortality can be purchased from PancakeSwap, 1inch, JulSwap . The default slippage works fine. If there is an error when swapping, usually it is remedied by raising the slippage.

On load, a popup appears providing the facility to add IMT. Check the box and or click the button and IMT is added to the swap.

Selecting the setting icon on the top right provides an option to set slippage. Usually 0.5% by default and that works fine, most errors occur by cause of slippage not being high enough, 2% should be enough.

Immortality offers 8% reflections. Every time anyone transacts IMT, each hodler receives 8% distributed evenly among all holders. This is an incentive to invest and hold.


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