Algotrading Does Not Work!

After backtesting some 500 strategies, we do not have any strategies that we can confidently use in a live trading environment.

The win rate on the best strategies are lower than 50% and the better the strategy, the less trading it does, if at all.

Many algotrading softwares are abandonware as the algotrading experiment fails to bring profitable results.

Algotrading start-ups also cease operations, citing non-profitability.

Assuming that these guys do not know what they are doing is an error, strategies utilize every indicator, tradings, trending and pattern systems, and they fail to be profitable.

What does it say about the individual trader, it says that they are fooling themselves like a gambler fools themselves.

Traders are the big losers in the markets and lie about it. Brokers are assured a cut regardless of the outcome and have more certainty. Exchanges must fight traders to not get bankrupted by them, and they also get the trading fee regardless of the outcome of the trade. Trading on exchanges is like showing the casino your poker hand while playing against them. They undercut, front run, fake trades and even block trading to ensure the exchange comes out on top.

The inability to make profit or guess the market has resulted in a large group of criminality, insider trading and other financial crimes. Hedge funds are ultimately about having significant reserves to manipulate the market.

The advisory can only be, do not hold any stocks or gamble in the stock market.

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