Broad Spectrum Antivirals

While there is confidence that a broad spectrum vapor can be produced for the respiratory system and you can read about it here, non-respiratory system virii and bacteria is more challenging. Vaccines are not effective in aging persons suffering immuno-senescence.

  • Skin contact - HPV (warts)
  • Respiratory - Cold virusues, influenza, measles, mumps, rubella
  • Faecal-oral - Polio, echo, Coxsackie, Hepatitis A, Rotavirus
  • Milk - HIV, HTLV-1, CMV
  • Transplacental - Rubella, CMV, HIV
  • Sexually - Herpes 1 and 2, HIV, HPV, Hepatitis B
  • Insect vector - Yellow fever, Dengue fever
  • Animla bite - Rabies

CMV - cytomegalovirus, HPV - Human Papilloma Virus, HTLV - Human T-Lymphotropic Virus

Here is a more comprehensive list,

Viral Diseases 101

The modes of transmission focus us on mass vaccination of animals, sterilization of fecal matter and urine, implementing a culture of intercepting transmission such as self-isolation and non-transmission. Better and accessible testing.

Here is a list...

  1. Go vegan, don't eat meat. Don't eat rotten fruits or vegetables. Disinfect and filter drinking water. Jar stored foods with vinegar or freeze.
  2. Vaccination of animals against zoonosis, domesticated and wild animal programs such as dogs, bats, monkeys, racoons...
  3. Specific insect eradication programs such as mosquitos, ticks, lice...
  4. Disinfect any skin rash or itch with isopropyl alcohol spray or gel.
  5. Use germicial lamps, air and water filters.
  6. Fund anti-virals, anti-bacterials, anti-fungals and anti-parasite drugs and treatments (not just drugs, also novel approaches).

Successful Treatment of Balamuthia Amoebic Encephalitis: Presentation of 2 Cases


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