Did the NSA invent Crypto?

We all sense and suspect that there is something fishy going on with crypto. The core principle of Tor, onion routing, was developed in the mid-1990s by United States Naval Research Laboratory employees, to protect American intelligence communications online.

Cryptocurrencies could possibly be a means to move money to intelligence operatives for covert operations.

Unsuspecting public use of these services creates noise that protects operatives and operations by making it difficult to identify spies and the like.

These kinds of operations into civilian life by military state operators is not something most of the world is used to, although common in the United States.

Companies tasked with military objectives masquerading as free companies, like crypto for the payment of operatives, VPN's for intelligence information relay, a steel industry, IBM and so on. The US military is involved in all aspects of American life, they are in Harvard, in all the major colleges and so on. A.I. and automation are about weapons systems and on and on.

Some believe Bitcoin was the work of the Chinese Communist Party other say Russia and Putin's plan to destroy America, others perhaps another maniacal plan of the Rothschild and the fanboys want to believe it is pure freedom from the people against the man. Who is Satoshi Nakamoto, the name on the code who remains anonymous.

A paper floating around suggests that Satoshi Nakamoto — the creator of Bitcoin — is, in fact, the United States National Security Agency in disguise. There are indicators. For instance...

  1. Bitcoin security is in its use of Secure Hash Algorithm 256, or SHA-256 (read as sha), which is used for everything from deriving transaction IDs and block hashes to addresses and Merkle trees. The algorithm is the direct work of Glenn M. Lilly, a mathematician who, under the direction of the NSA, designed and eventually published the algorithm in 2001. Lilly later became the NSA’s chief of mathematics research.
  2. Community software projects are generally badly coded, the concepts are not advanced, and their penetration is modest, especially when compared to government level projects.
  3. Bitcoin accomplishes many of the plans of certain people, such as trackable, controllable money that is completely imprisoning. Cash solves these problems. That it is largely sold as the opposite of that is adequately suspicious.

The big bombshell. The NSA was the first organizations to describe a Bitcoin-like system in a 1996 paper titled How To Make A Mint: The Cryptography Of Anonymous Electronic Cash. In the paper, the authors proposed a system that uses public-key cryptography for users to make anonymous payments without revealing their identity.

The NSA has contributed software to various projects in the past. Linux users would know Security-Enhanced Linux (SELinux) used in many distributions.

In 2012 the FBI products a report on Bitcoin, Bitcoin Virtual Currency, Intelligence Unique Features Present Distinct Challenges for Deterring Illicit Activity while this may look innocent enough it may be a deception campaign associated with the whole freedom image of Bitcoin.

Most people suspect the case, now what do you think? Did the NSA invent crypto?


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