Drug Delivery Strategies and Methods

  1. Dumping substances into the body

A substance is sent into the body with no recognition of how the body works. For example, testosterone. Sometimes this does not work.

  1. Supplementing natural process

A substance in sent into the body, at a particular time, at a particular dose, supplementing the construction of a particular protein. For example supplementing glutathione precursors where the human body builds glutathione at a specific time required and at specific amounts required.

  1. Test, Measure and Determine

Perform tests and make alterations. For example a blood test, analyze the result and make a change to diet for example.

  1. Testing the Axis

Big complex circuits, form an axis and divide and conquer. For example, erectyle dysfunction has an axis, starting in the brain, dilation of arteries and hormones. Testing each part of the axis will determine "where the blockage is" and the choice of action. Viagra, in contrast assumes dilation of arteries and is not particularly targeted, while the axis is much larger. Below is an example of a map, divide it into an axis and isolate the blockage, then treat only the blockage.


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