Games like the scientific method, deduction games

The system holds a secret that the scientist must uncover by probing the system.

There is...

  1. the scientist
  2. the system
  3. the test
  4. the result

such games are termed deduction games and logic and reasoning games.

  1. 20 questions
  2. Guess Who
  3. Mastermind



The scientist test is to say hello to the system.

The scinetist predicts the system would say hello back.

(experiment is performed)

The system says good bye.

Therefore hello causes good bye.

Title: Codebreaker's Lab


  1. The Scientist
  2. The System


The Scientist aims to uncover the secret code hidden within the System's responses through a series of tests.


  1. The Scientist formulates a hypothesis or test related to the secret code.
  2. The Scientist predicts the expected response from the System based on the test.
  3. The experiment is conducted, and the System provides a response.
  4. The Scientist analyzes the result to gain insights into the hidden code.

Example Test:

Test: The Scientist asks the System a question and predicts a yes/no response.


The Scientist predicts that if the answer contains the letter 'E,' the System will respond with "Yes."


The Scientist asks, "Does the secret code contain the letter 'E'?"


The System responds with "No."


The Scientist updates their understanding of the secret code based on the System's response. The deduction process continues until the secret code is fully uncovered.

Game Variations:

  1. 20 Questions: The Scientist has a limited number of questions to unveil the secret.
  2. Guess Who: The Scientist narrows down possibilities with each test, eliminating potential elements of the secret.
  3. Mastermind: The Scientist tries to guess the entire secret code at once, with the System providing feedback on correct and incorrect elements.

In the various fields of science. Such experiments are conducted.


The format is objective:experiemnts.

  1. Mixing chemicals to manufacture a specific substance.
  2. Experiments to detemrine unknown substances.
  3. Mixing chemicals to form new substances and form a use case.
  4. Investigate how a substance reacts to a stimuli.

The system chooses a substance, the scientist chooses experiments from a list and gets a result, eventually guessing the substance.


  1. Materials testing, test the performance of a material to determine its qualities.
  2. Test alterations of a design of an object to find an optimal performance, assess the impact of environmental conditions on materials and systems.


Trying to find an unknown cause to a disease, perform eperiments on a system to determine the unknownn cause of a disease or map the disease state to compare with the health state. Conduct experiments to change the disease state.


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