Improving Organ Function, What it means

Many times I read about some drug improving liver or kidney function, while the question is missing. Are you just pushing a declining organ harder, diminishing its overall function more quickly, apparent at some later stage, and it should not get misunderstood to mean getting more out of a failing organ.

It should mean the potential of the regenerative system to build and maintain an organ.

Mostly these studies are observing an effect only whether the health of regenerative process is being maintained in some way is outside the work.

The regeneration system of the human body maintains the organs, it is the wound healing system and the system that rebuilds the system as required over time. It is the source of any real improvement in liver or kidney function, for organs must be repaired to achieve improved function.

Kicking the can down the line, the source of which this regenerative system is improved in a way allowing it to improve the organ function of a declining organ and at what cost, does the overall capacity of the regenerative decline faster, is it pushing a dying regeneration system harder rather than endowing the regenerative system.

This relates to scavenging, agents which scavenge fibrosis and resynthesis, quality of resynthesis.


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