Intelligence is subjective

Intelligence is subjective, you are grading the A.I. while the ego wants to believe that it is the epitome of intelligence, believe me you are not. Personal fallibility while hard to accept is the exploit of the ages and not only you. A person is sending thousands to their death because fallibility is difficult to accept.

Radio universe? The design of the universe is that of radio, transmission and reception, illusion, not verbatim sampling.

It ultimately means that human knowledge is a belief that humans have about reality, and reality could be wildly different beyond detection or capacity. It is a sampling and interpretation, it cannot be verbatim.

Imagine the knowledge is a tree in the environment. It grows and recedes on perceived interpretation of its environment and truth about its environment. These illusions are how all human senses generally work, they receive transmission and build an interpretation.

You are not the arbitrator of an intelligent system, not by a long shot. The best you can get is fooling others or satisfying oneself.

If we encounter a race that truly was intelligent, perhaps with an IQ of 1000 or more, what kind of beings would we appear to be in comparison. We are training the A.I. to be satisfactory to what we believe about something, or rather.


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