LLama 70B system requirements

  • LLAMA 70B model takes up around 130 GB, 512GB hard drive.
  • CPUs alone cannot efficiently handle large models like LLAMA 70B instead GPU's are utilized. So get the latest greatest CPU anyway with maximum cores.
  • GPU power!, LLAMA 70B model's requirement of around 2 x 80GB GPU or 4 x 48GB GPU or 6 x 24GB GPU. A server with multiple high-memory GPUs, such as NVLink-connected NVIDIA A100 80GB, would provide adequate horsepower. NVIDIA GeForce RTX 40 series with 24 GB VRAM each, you might manage with 2 or more GPUs depending on the final model size after compression techniques like quantization.
  • Memory (RAM): LLAMA 70B model needs roughly 140 GB of memory for FP16 storage. 256GB Ram minimum.
  • Motherboard: Motherboard with the maximum number PCIe 16x slots, 1TB Ram capacity. NVMe SSDs
  • Typical 2024 LAN speeds are 2.5 Gb Ethernet

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