Physics, Engineering & Immortality

Traditionally, nature has been perceived as chaos, understanding nature is the field of physics.

Engineered objects, exemplified by the enduring pyramids, stand in opposition to their environment, defying time through meticulous engineering, choice of material, stone, and geometric precision. However, even these structures continue to erode.

Engineering, therefore, involves devising strategies against the relentless forces of physics that aim to erode and destroy. There exist only a few key approaches to ensuring the longevity and integrity of a structure:

1) Maintenance.

2) Reinforcement with ample material and strong material.

3) Shelter it to keep it under cover.

4) Complete restoration.

Interestingly, humans not only engineer objects but are themselves products of natural engineering, subject to the same limited strategies for longevity.

Nature, too, engineers, challenging the perception that nature is chaos. When geoengineering, one must get out of the way.

Nature has also explored every possibility for immortality in the longevity of earthlings, and like engineering only a handful of strategies are possible, these are a superset of engineering.

5) Self healing

6) Perfect regeneration

7) Slow it down so that the friction never exceed to repairability.

8) Offspring, ditch the predecessors and make a new one.

The perspective of engineering and physics, chaos and order provides insight into the theory of aging and that only a handful of strategies are possible in endowing the human body with longevity both as machinery of biology and lifestyle.

The limited strategies and the impossibility of more strategies form a boolean proof at the mechanism of aging in the human body. These form a hard boolean logical truth against nature. The machine is not inherently immortal, but requires a strategy for its longevity, of which only a handful of strategies exist in reality. Obviously, the limitation of maintenance.


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