Physics is bullshit

Physics as a subject is overrated when compared to the tangible benefit of inventions. Inventiveness is a human quality on its own and does not require the subject of physics. All the luxuries you enjoy today from concrete to cell phones have little to do with the subject of physics, instead it has everything to do with human ingenuity, much to do with the human quality to form new ways of doing the same things.

Spending 500 years describing something is of little value. Inventors instead are the true revolutionaries, which "physicists" are an imposter of. Spend as much time in physics, and you'll come away with little to nothing, every time.

The joke goes. A physicist was hired to help on a prototype in the workshop. The physicist was put to work in a nice office and ready to work on the problem. The boss explaining the problem and asking the physicist to fix the issue, the physicist replies, "you mean now". The boss replies, "well, we haven't got 500 years"

  1. Black holes were never observed or discovered but entered in factual sci ence. This is not the way science works as a result black holes do not exist but are a figment of the imagination. A photo was produced in 2017 of a someone's pixelated butthole.
  2. It is suspected that the LHC discovery of the Higgs boson is a lie and is cherry-picking to make a theory work, ignoring a bunch of other stuff that does not fit into the theory.
  3. The myriad of dumb things that physics comes out with every day. People can walk through walls etc. It may sell, but it's bogus.

Where is the observation?

The idea of a body so big that even light could not escape was briefly proposed by English astronomical pioneer and clergyman John Michell in a letter published in November 1784. Michell's simplistic calculations assumed such a body might have the same density as the Sun, and concluded that one would form when a star's diameter exceeds the Sun's by a factor of 500, and its surface escape velocity exceeds the usual speed of light. Michell referred to these bodies as dark stars. Scholars of the time were initially excited by the proposal that giant but invisible 'dark stars' might be hiding in plain view.

String theory clearly reinstates the scientific method, cannot be circumvented or replaced with mathematics.


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