Placebo as a therapy

Recently, I heard some say the exercise helps mental health. I have to disagree with this statement. Exercise enhances physical health but has little effect on mental health to the degree that...

Yes, mental health is biology but mental health is also training the brain. We can easily see that people that eat fruits, vegetables and salads having a balanced complete diet have a much better overall mental state and that biological health includes the brain.

It has been known for some time now that the brain is also trained. Its behavior is the result of its training. The master controller of the body including aging is the brain and ourselves are also homogenous with the brain and so it can be affected if we can communicate with the brain. Communicating with the brain? how to communicate with the brain, simply placebo as a therapy.

Among others, two modes of communicating with the brain it order to coax it, pursuade it to exhibit basic mental health are...

Meditation and Thai Chi. Thai Chi is not a martial art, it is a form of movement meditation rather than the traditional sitting meditation.

The differing effort is to perform the meditation with subtle coax towards relaxation, keeping it together rather than forcing a state if mind.

Placebo, shown to be more effective than medications in many cases. This is a more expert activation of placebo to promote health in the body, aging, relaxation and mental health passively without force. Meditating with addition of placebo can be a effective means of improving mental health, maintaining health.

There are limited study is achieving the full extent of placebo.

How is meditation enhanced with placebo?


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