Prop Money For Film & Religions

Making prop money for film and for religious practices. Many cultures burn prop money in the hope that their ancestors receive wealth. The higher the quality of the prop money, the better the offering. Many cultures place prop money at an idol's feet during religious ceremonies. Making this prop money is not illegal as long it clearly states prop money or copy on the product.

  • Graphic Design Software: for the design of the prop money
  • Printing Equipment: for the printing of the prop money
  • Cutting and Trimming Tool: utilize a large format printer and then cut sheets into notes.
  • Finishing and Distressing Tools: to give a film specific effect
  • Binding and Packaging Equipment: to wrap it in cliché bands
  • Quality Control Tools: to make sure it passes as high quality prop money.
  • Other tools: Calipers and so on

Some modern security features include...

  • Watermarks: embedded watermarks that appear when held against light. A visual authentication feature.
  • Security threads: thin, transparent threads that glow under ultraviolet (UV) light and bear microprinted text or images.
  • Holograms and foil elements: holographic stripes or patches that change color depending on the angle of view.
  • Microprinting: Tiny, intricate text or patterns printed on banknotes, almost impossible to reproduce with standard printers.
  • Optically variable ink: ink changes color or appears to move when viewed from different angles.
  • UV-reactive features: certain elements glow brightly under UV light.
  • Raised printing: design elements often raised that can be felt by touch.
  • Serial numbers: Unique serial numbers on each banknote allow for tracking and help identify counterfeits.
  • Dynamic security features: like security strips, 3D security ribbon, which contain images that move and change as the note is tilted.

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