Public, Republic, SPQR, American Experiment

We can all observe the US economy and how theft has rendered it a complete disgrace to every value and virtue. Around thieves no system can work, around good people even a bad system can work.

And so again we think about what was started many many years ago, the public and the subsequent republic, the senate and the people, the American experiment.

Socialism and its social generosity in education, healthcare, unemployment and other services has also become nothing more than a veil for theft. High taxes, more taxes and failing services.

The problem in all of these systems is the low quality human being, and the world is full of them. Functional thieves play a role to lie, steal and cheat and render the service of civilization a disaster.

The current new wave of experiments are...

1) Crypto, using technology to lock away the money from any human beings' ability to steal or take.

2) UBI, universal basic income.

3) Government free systems called decentralized societies where every citizen is the government through blockchain technology and crypto.

4) Direct Democracy using technology.

We have also seen governments work to destroy these movements, false flag operations showing they do not work, preferring centralized theft for unseen private interests.

We have instead gone for DeSci, decentralized science. The issue we believe is that productivity is essential to any system, and we see science and research as probably the highest expression of productivity. The face to learn is that if no one tills the field, there can be no food. In this case it is not about productivity, instead it is about purpose, fulfillment and service.

Getting back to the real issue and that is a government free system and if an A.I. was better at running society than humans and did not steal, cheat or lie, would that be a better system. An A.I. has held the purse using cryptography and operated the society based on maximal social benefit. Obviously, without a society that improved the A.I., it would be orphaned, so DeSci is still required.

But getting the human out of governance is indeed the solution to the world's problems.

Many nations use software for the management, governments used decision-making software in the management of their national economies. Project Cybersyn featured innovative technology at its time: it included a network of telex machines ('Cybernet') in state-run enterprises that would transmit and receive information with the government. Information from the field would be fed into statistical modeling software ('Cyberstride') that would monitor production indicators, such as raw material supplies or high rates of worker absenteeism, in "almost" real time, alerting the workers in the first case and, in abnormal situations, if those parameters fell outside acceptable ranges by a very large degree. The information would also be input into economic simulation software ('CHECO', for CHilean ECOnomic simulator) that the government could use to forecast the possible outcome of economic decisions. Finally, a sophisticated operations room ('Opsroom') would provide a space where managers could see relevant economic data, formulate feasible responses to emergencies, and transmit advice and directives to enterprises and factories in alarm situations by using the telex network.

After the military coup in Chile on September 11, 1973, Cybersyn was abandoned, and the operations room was destroyed. The system was a way to run socialism effectively.

A decision support system (DSS) is an information system that supports business or organizational decision-making activities. DSSs serve the management, operations and planning levels of an organization (usually mid and higher management) and help people make decisions about problems that may be rapidly changing and not easily specified in advance—i.e., unstructured and semi-structured decision problems. Decision support systems can be fully computerized.

DSS and other acronyms form a suite of software (not A.I.) that is used throughout modern government behind the scenes.

Ditch the politicians and interface with an A.I. directly and use human productivity to improve the A.I. At least the A.I. won't steal the treasury.


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