Research Fund Trustee Application Form

Immortality, the originators and the dev team relinquish the grants fund to epoch decentralized science, a crowd voting science and research funding model, in line with the governance model detailed in the Immortality IMT whitepaper. Trustee is a legal term which, in its broadest sense, is a synonym for anyone in a position of trust.

In order to prove the creditability of our endeavor, we place the research fund in trust to third parties. Doing so will clear up any doubt to the integrity of the project and its developers.

We invite applications to become a party that holds the a percentage of the research fund in trust and could include colleges, universities, labs, institutes and other parties. All can equally apply, and the dev team will review each application methodically and extensively. This is a governance role and provides parties with the opportunity within the governance procedure explained in the whitepaper.

What does the research fund comprise?

The research fund is a portion of Immortality IMT cryptocurrency total supply, dedicated to funding research to cure aging and age related disease. It is the whole point of the project.

The research fund is held in trust, providing security for investors to the legitimacy of the project, Immortality IMT and its aims, to cure aging and age related disease.

This forms a unique partnership between Immortality IMT and the trustee.


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