Start a BOINC project?

Adding a new project on the BOINC network.

  1. Run a Linux server, hardware and software
  2. Set up a BOINC server,
    1. BOINC server software: Download and install the BOINC server software package.
    2. Database server: You'll need a database server like MySQL to store project data.
      1. Create a database for your project.
      2. Configure the BOINC server settings with your database connection details and project information.
    3. Web server: Apache or Nginx are common choices for hosting your project website.
  3. Run the make_project Script:
    1. This script generates BOINC-specific files and resources for your application.
    2. Edit the generated files (e.g., project.xml) to customize your project details and application behavior.
  4. Start the BOINC server and web server processes. Verify website functionality and test BOINC client attachment to the project.

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