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Important: initially, both the launcher and the sensors are required, subsequently only replacement sensors are required, the launcher is reusable the sensors are replaced every 14 days.

AiDEX is a data-driven blood glucose monitoring system. Diabetics use it to manage to monitor blood glucose, in longevity biohackers use it to gauge their diet. It collects glucose level readings every 5 mins for a period of 10 days and provides users a comprehensive picture of their glucose levels.

Displays blood glucose readings on a smartphone.

The American Standard diet is the worst diet next to malnutrition and a major reason for horrid health consequences is blood glucose spikes, sugar laden and sugar doped so-called food. It mimics diabetes phenotype and towards the same outcomes, heart disease and other complications.

A longevity biohacker uses the CGM to understand how their diet affects blood sugar, and then cut out foods that spike blood sugar and include foods that have minimal effect on blood sugar.

Practical guides are glycemic index and the insulin index.

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