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The innovative device is used to collect blood in the convenience of a biohackers home without the need of a medical doctor. Biohackers are usually very knowledgeable and perform regular blood tests 6 or more per year. The resulting blood collection is placed in a seal bag and posted to a lab and blood is analyzed and test results return to the user. Other contemporary technology are nasal delivery of vaccines and micro prefilled auto-injectors. An educated user can perform self-maintenance at home.

A number of labs would accept the sample and provide longevity based results.

This is called an Nof1 clinical trial, conducting a high standard nof1 requires technical exerptise of which the supplier of the self collection should provide. The kit includes, urine sample kit, buccal swab kit and the blood sample kit and a questionaire and physical tests.

With these 3 samples almost all aging clocks can be formulated such as...

- Full blood panel, it is mandatory when taking any medication and biohacking to perform a pre-blood test (ask for a full panel) and to perform another test at the conclusion of the test.
- Epigenetic clocks can be used with blood samples, saliva samples, or other body tissues.
- Telomere clocks can be used with blood samples or buccal swabs (samples of cells from the inside of the cheek).
- Metabolic clocks can be used with blood samples or urine samples.
- Functional clocks can be assessed through a physical examination or by taking questionnaires.

Here is a list...

Here are some of the most well-known aging clocks, classified by type:

Epigenetic clocks

- Horvath's epigenetic clock (also known as the Horvath DNAm clock) [1]
- Hannum's epigenetic clock [2]
- GrimAge clock [3]
- Tabula Muris clock [4]

Telomere clocks

- Telomere length clock
- Horvath's telomere clock [5]
- Hannum's telomere clock

Metabolic clocks

- MetaboAge clock [6]
- GlycanAge clock [7]
- PhenoAge clock [8]

Functional clocks

- Frailty Index
- Cognitive Age clock
- Gait Speed clock
- Hand Grip Strength clock

A standard self physcial test and questionaire elucidating the candidates habits is also essential.

A recent clinical trial into the self collection blood test resulted in 100% success rate and a high quality sample obtained due to the advanced and easy to use technology offered by the manufacturer.

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ADVIA 1800 Chemistry System

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